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CCTV Installation

APEC is a U.S. provider of technology products and video solutions with local advantages. We deliver industry’s leading OEM, ODM, and value-added services in video surveillance equipment and its full product line. With knowledgeable consultants, APEC helps installers, integrators, and security professionals drive informed purchasing decisions and succeed in the markets they serve.

Video Solutions for Security Professionals

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End to End Support

With our achieved, industry driven sales and technical support team, 10 out of 10 customers comment that Apec helps achieve what most other companies cannot. Support, we are with you 100% of the way, end to end on any security project needs. Speak with a local branch representative today and experience why Apec has pride in its customer service.

Quality is Key

We focus on quality products, quality customer support, bringing you only what you expect. With our fully committed product management team and marketing, we ensure your voice is heard, and only provide what you demand.

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Ip solutions

Free IP Consultation

Get a call today! With the complexity of IP networking, we’ve gone through thousands of R&D tests to make sure we bring the easiest plug and play solution for IP installers. Achieve greater skillsets, learn how to reduce total ownership cost, and bring more value to your customers by getting free consultation on IP today.

Apec CCTV Inc.

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